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Slow Acceleration first 30 seconds, cold or hot

In this 1995 Crown Victoria 85k miles, every time I start it have very slow acceleration the first 30 seconds or so, no matter the engine is cold or hot, or exterior temperature, or if it have been parked two weeks or stopped it 5 seconds ago, after that it?s ok and its like it have never happened, I have not a clue. In the time it have happened I have changed drive belt, gas filter, oil, oil filter, sparkplug and wires, and maybe something else, any ideas? I have not a clue, thanks.

Assuming that this car is equipped with a Mass Air Flow sensor (MAF), then my next step would be to clean the MAF.

Thanks thanks thanks, it work, no problem any more, thanks for your help

You are very welcome. I’m glad that I was able to help.