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Sixt car rental: Don't bother

Worst customer service. Try to find a telephone number. Difficult. When you finally find it, the number leads you through prerecorded messages. Nearly impossible to get through to an actual person. If somehow you are able to navigate to a person, you are met with twists that will turn a problem back on to you or they will tell you that you must talk to another department. Of course the one I supposedly needed to talk with could only be contacted through e-mail. So, I emailed. I asked in the e-mail for someone to call me as I was not comfortable with sending mail back and forth without a resolution. Well, they never did call. Only e-mailed me. And again turned my issue back on me stating that it was my issue not theirs.

PLEASE, Do Not rent from them. Once they have your money, they have no reason to help you with any issues. For an extra $10, I could have used a nationally recognized company with true customer support. You don’t realize how important a credible and reputable company can be when you need it. Not all companies are the same.

I have heard bad things about this company previously, but–fortunately–most of us in The US are not likely to encounter them. Aren’t almost all of their operations located in Europe?


Your argument would be more effective if you had divulged the exact nature of the issue you were having.

Also copy and pasting the same response to different websites under a different username doesn’t help your cause either


Well, he can still go to Yelp and post negative reviews under multiple fake names…

I looked them up and found 3 locations in Florida. Tampa, Orlando and Miami. New to me, I never saw one either in the EU or the US.

The poster has a ax to grind and is grinding it here.

In the US, it appears as though there are currently between 60 and 100 different locations.

I do on 10-20 business trips a year…and there’s a reason why my company (and many others) only deal with the large national rental companies - it’s called service. We don’t need the hassle dealing with these small fly-by-night companies. If there’s a problem we have a company rep I can call/email. Even if I’m renting the car on vacation.

I also think the OP should at least state why they are unhappy and felt the need to post.


I wasn’t going to rent from Sixt, anyhow. I have one national company ONLY is my area (an hour drive away).

That said, how do I know that it’s not the company with the worst service, but rather the worst customer giving advice?

As others have implied, without relating one’s experience or giving any facts then this is possibly very bad advice.

I might give Sixt a try when in the area.

The internet is filled with S and BS. :poop:


Well, there are none in my neck of the woods. In light of the deep discounts that I get with the major car rental firms through both AARP and Costco, I see no reason to search for a minor player in that industry.

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I understand your frustration OP, but instead of cursing the darkness, suggest to light a candle. No more phone calls. No more emails. Instead suggest to write a one page, one sided, double spaced, easy to understand letter directly to the CEO of the company. Keep to the basic facts and how they have adversely affected you. Avoid any personal insults, implied threats, etc. Be polite in other words. Sign your name and provide a return address at the bottom of the page. Brevity is of utmost importance. Leave out unimportant details; just focus on the one or two most important issues you have experienced with the company’s service.

For the cost of a stamp, you’ll probably get the CEO to spend 10 minutes of their time to read it. Personal letters to the CEO almost always get read, at the very least by the CEO’s admin assistant. And usually it will be forwarded to the CEO, as long as the letter is informative, pertinent, short, and polite. Not saying the CEO will do anything about it, but at least you’ve flagged the two problems most important to you and made the CEO spend some of their time on your problem.

Don’t bother sending an email. Snail mail only. You can find the CEO’s snail mail address on the company’s web page usually. Click on “about us” or something like that.

If you charge the rent on a credit card, call AND write the credit card company and protest the charge if you feel you are being ripped off.


Companies that really care about their customers - the CEO will read and possibly take appropriate action. But many companies today will only care if-and-only-if it will make them money next quarter. Look at what happened to Sears and KMart as an example.

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