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Sister in law blues

disagreement over wether the engine APPEARANCE cover serves any purpose; i say it is for show, she says it somehow effects performance.any thoughts on this?

Show first, noise reduction second.

job 1 / looks
job 2 / nothing

The plastic cover may keep a little dust off the motor parts beneath. Doesn’t help the engine run better though.

I think we would be surprised at what engineers intended for some of the covers. I wouldn’t slight their need in some models. I agree that it does help supress noise deflecting it downward and in some cars/trucks and suv s may serve some protection from the elements and corrosion on some Key components.

It helps to keep the insulation from sagging down from the hood. It’s kind of an inconvenience provider.

About 10 years ago Volvo did a study about people and their cars. Many people were afraid to open the hood. It was too intimidating. Most of the time…most of the people open the hood for just a few things (add/check oil, add/check washer fluid, add/check brake fluid, and add/check radiator fluid). Take a look at the covers on many vehicles…They basically COVER the engine except where you can (add/check oil, add/check washer fluid, add/check brake fluid, and add/check radiator fluid). Personally I think it’s a pain in the butt.

I think the “hidden agenda” from the vehicle makers who install these type of items is to increase profit. Nothing more…nothing less.

Is noise reduction a performance issue? That would mean the sister in law wins the argument.

If the debate is about whether the cover serves a purpose, it does. It is packaging, which is one of the four Ps of marketing.

Sorry, Jeff. In any case, the cover does serve a purpose, although it is obviously not a purpose you appreciate. You lose the argument.

How does it increase profit??

I’m sure they charge you something for the engine cover. That’s profit even if it’s just a few dollars on every vehicle.

No. Unless your decision to buy or not buy the car is based on whatever marginal difference they charge for the part, it isn’t to increase profit.
Let’s say the car would be $19,247 without the cover, but by adding the cover they charge $19,277. Did the $30 really affect your decision to buy this car?
Besides, it’s only “profit” (not really profit, but MARGIN, another argument for another time) if they charge more than the cost of the part.

Test this way ;
on the sly, take it off ( 3 screws on the 3.9L though you never said what size engine…strange for a car chat forum. ) and hide it in the closet.

Then wait and see.
Does she mention anything different about the car ?
even something non-descript like "somethings odd about the car."
Sound ?
Temp guage ?
Dust build up on the engine and in the engine compartment ?

Under most of these covers you’ll find a layer of sound insulation, usually similar to the one under your hood. As engineers try to get more efficiency out of smaller engines they can get noisy. And the transverse engine mounted so close to the passenger cabin because the smaller cars need bigger interiors (we, the baby boomers, are expanding sideways) makes extra noise reduction necessary.

Look under a Lexus hood and all you’ll see is the noise suppressing shoulds. From the front of the engine compartment to the back, from the right side to the left. There’s no sign of any mechanical components at all. Just plastic shrouds.