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Side air bags

Does any one know if side airbags can be installed at the dealer on an '06 GMC Envoy?

If this is a repair on an existing side impact system, they should definitely be able to do the work.

If it was a dealer option or a factory option you’d like added on, they should be able to. However, these may involve a lot of expensive new parts, like a new airbag controller, wiring, and the airbags themselves. I can easily see this work quoted for a few thousand dollars.

However, if side impact airbags were not available for this make and model year truck, chances are they will not do it, even if it was available on newer models, mostly for liability issues. And, I doubt any aftermarket sources will touch this either for the same reason.

As Busted Knuckles asked, do you mean replacing existing equipment, or do you mean installing equipment for the first time?
Also–do you mean side airbags or side curtain airbags?

Side airbags deploy from the seatbacks of the front seats and because of this, the seat is specially made for this purpose.

Side curtain airbags deploy (usually) from the area above the side windows.

Which do you mean?