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Sick F-150

I have a 1993 Ford F-150. The 5.8 engine has 246K miles on it with hardly no past trouble at all. Recently a problem has occured with what sounds to be a fuel pump issue. The truck has dual tanks and the problem occurs no matter which tank is choosen. Normally when cranking the engine, with the key on but not starting, the fuel pump could be heard for a few seconds, continue to start, and the engine would crank. Now it seems the fuel pump seems to run continually and the engine will not crank. I can spray a little starter fluid in the air intake to crank the engine, but this comes with a shutter in the engine and a smell of unburned fuel in the exhaust. With the engine running , under the wrong condition, the engine sounds like its starved for fuel when the accelerator is pressed. “HELP” “IDEAS” COMMENTS" ??