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Sick cruiser

My cruiser has 230k+ miles on it and I’ve been trying to keep it running. It’s a 2001. I’ve replaced the plugs and wires and a cam sensor along with a few other things and it runs fine. I’m having an issue where it keeps acting like it wants to stall. It does it at around 2000 rpm. Also when I’m driving and not having an issue I hear a slight hum that has a rhythm. No codes or check engine light. The hum is audible and there is a slight vibration in the pedal that is in beat with the hum. Any ideas?

The almost stall at a specific RPM makes me think of the TPS: throttle position sensor. Its resistance should change smoothly as the throttle plate rotates through its range.

I once cleaned the insides of one with electrical contact spray and it worked well again.

Check the brake rotors for run-out.They could be slightly warped so you can feel the vibration in the brake pedal.

Also check the wheel bearings. Does the noise get louder when you turn one way or the other.

The rhythm is slow and it’s more felt than heard and it’s very faint.