Shuttering clutch on Outback wagon

I own a '02 Subaru Outback wagon that I bought used in '05.

From the start, when I up/down shift from 1st to 2nd gear, the whole car shutters until the engine/gear are fully engaged. This problem happens about 50% of the time while shifting gears. I have had 2 Subaru dealerships check it as well as my normal mechanic. I have been told that this is normal.

My car is otherwise in top running condition and has been very reliable.

Has anyone out there had trouble with this?

What can be done about it?

It is absolutely not normal. I think that the most likely possibilities would be broken/worn engine or transmission mounts (presumably these would have been checked but one never knows) or a flywheel that needs to be turned/replaced. (That involves replacing the clutch - has it ever been replaced?)

BTW - I am only assuming a manual transmission based on you saying that you are doing the shifting.

This is usually as sign of A LITTLE oil getting on the clutch…It’s called “clutch Judder”.

Here is an old fashioned cure…In an open area, set the e-brake HARD. Put the transmission in 4th or 5th gear, rev up the engine a little and slowly release the clutch while you apply some throttle. The engine should stall. Repeat one more time. NOW see how it shifts…

You should should know this is somewhat abusive to the clutch, but not destructive…However, if there is any weakness in the clutch, this procedure will expose that weakness…Doing this “burns off” any oil or dust accumulations that might be making the clutch “judder”…

The clutch was replaced about a year after I bought it, without result.
My Subaru has 102K miles on it.