Shuttering 2006 Dodge Sprinter

We have had our Sprinter since it came off the assembly line. We love it and now have 125,ooo miles on it. We travel allot and enjoy the roominess and comfort. But it has had a shuttering problem from day one. We have had it to many dealers and they can’t seem to fix it. We have had the tranny serviced many times.At 14,000 miles they replaced the rear axle assembly. Then at 59,000 miles, right before the extended warranty expired, they replaced the propeller shaft and universal joints. That didn’t fix it either. Now at 125,000 miles the shutte is getting worse and when we go uphill we have to shift to 4th gear to make it go away.

Since we travel allot we would like to get it fixed for good. Right now the dealer says that thhere are no “soft” codes showing up on the computer so they want $800 to tear the tranny apart and if they can’t find anything wrong with it they want another $800 to put iti back together.

I was wondering if anybody else has had these kind of problems with their Sprinter. Other than this problem everything else seems to be fine. I sure hope somebody out there in Carland" can help. Thanks and looking forward to your reply. It might save my husband from another heart attack.