Show#1205 -2/4/2012 Anitifreeze Leak 1987 VW Vanagon - UNSAFE FOR PETS

I commented a short time ago about advising Matt to continue driving with the antifreeze leak if it can’t be fixed & the possibility of poisoning pets in the vicinity of the leakage.

Here is additional information about antifreeze toxicity to pets.

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Not only is regular automotive antifreeze poisonous to pets, causing kidney failure and death, but it tastes sweet and attractive to them. What a terrible combination!

But there is a new, less hazardous antifreeze option. Find out what kind of antifreeze to buy to help keep your pets safe.

The toxic element in traditional antifreeze is ethylene glycol. The new kind of antifreeze contains not ethylene glycol, but propylene glycol, which is somewhat safer. In fact, propylene glycol is found in pet foods, cosmetics, and over-the-counter preparations.

One brand of this newer type of antifreeze is SIERRA, made by Safe Brands. A 50/50 mixture of SIERRA and water will protect a car’s engine to -26F; greater protection can be obtained by increasing the ratio of antifreeze to water, according to the company.

SIERRA is available nationwide for about a dollar more per gallon than traditional antifreeze. Many of us feel the price is little to pay if it eliminates a serious threat to our pets.

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I absolutely an emphatically agree with the message here. Traditional antifreeze (ethelyn glycol) is not only toxic but also very tasty to pets. It’s exetremely important not to leave spills of this stuff lying around, and especially not to leave jugs or pans of it lying around, like if you’d drained it in preparation for refilling it with fresh.

I will add, however, to be sure that whatever you use is correct for your particular vehicle. There are different methods by which antifreezes protect engines, and you don;t want to use the wrong stuff. I’m not personally familiar with Sierra, but it’s worth looking into. If you have any doubt, talk to your dealer.