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Should the car be moving before steering?

I see people turning the front wheels with the car stopped. I always have the car moving at least slightly before steering. Isn’t that easier on on th steering system.

Yes it is easier, but it would be hard to measure any long term effect.

With power steering, people have gotten used to steering while stopped and so they do it. Back in the olden days of manual steering, it was chore to steer while stopped.

Not worth worrying about.

With tires inflated to 35 PSI or more, I don’t see a problem.

I never liked scrubbing the tires, steering when stopped. In my mind it shortens tire life, but if that is true or how much difference it really makes, if only there were a world wide wiver of infowmation, wait there is!
Nothing conclusive one way or another found. :disappointed:

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You won’t damage the car’s steering gear, but the tires will suffer–to a minor extent–if one frequently turns the steering wheel while stopped.

What will definitely suffer is asphalt pavement. During very high summer temps, turning the steering wheel while stopped can cause some nasty damage to asphalt paving.

Yeah that’s what I was taught in Drivers Training back in 1964. I still try to do it.

Yes, a little. I expect the reason most folks are like you & prefer to have the car moving when turning the steering wheel is that it doesn’t take as much effort.

I don’t know how to avoid turning the steering wheel when stopped and parallel parking. It seems like a small thing to worry about given that tires roll tens of thousands of miles before replacement.

Of all things to worry about with one’s car…