Should I try and talk my bud out f a 2009 Journey

I didn’t suggest that he make the recommendation to buy anything specific. As a matter of fact, if I bought a 2021 Whatever and loved it to death I would not recommend it to anyone. If I gushed over it they might absolutely hate it if they bought one and start in with the “But you said…”…

From the sound of things it already looks like this Journey deal is off to a bad start. A wiped out car, injury involved and who knows if there are lingering effects, an ongoing 3 way check debacle, attorney involved, and God knows what else.

This kind of smacks of hurry up and buy a car ASAP and that can often lead to a major headache no matter what badge is attached to it.

One alternative, if he’s able to get out of the deal…why not just get another Trailblazer? I was never a huge fan personally, but the “devil you know is better than the devil you don’t” saying comes to mind. At least he would be aware of some of the likely issues that would crop up, and I have to believe that there are still enough of these on the road that they’re not a complete rarity.

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