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Should I tow anything with a 2007 Ford Focus?


I am moving to a new city 800 miles away. I own a 4-door, 2007 Ford Focus SES. There is a hitch on a popular online retailer that states it “fits” my car. When I look at a popular self-moving company they show trailers that I can tow. How bad of an idea is to to tow a small trailer with this car?


What does your owner’s manual say?

The owner’s manual should have information about towing, but I don’t recommend it, especially if you have no experience with towing a trailer.

STOPPING the trailer is where the potential problems come up. It takes a lot more time and distance to stop all the extra weight, and it puts a lot more strain on the car’s brakes.

Ship your stuff and drive your car. It’ll be a lot easier for you and your Focus.

As already stated, the owner’s manual will have the information you need.

It shouldn’t hurt to tow something light weigh, but I wouldn’t over do it the extra strain on the engine/transmission could be damaging. Another option if you have two drivers would be rent a small truck to move your stuff in and the other driver drive the car, then just turn in the rental truck at your destination. Truck rental isn’t that expensive and might save you down the road. I just moved last year and rented a 24’ moving van to move all my belonging in. I think the 24’ truck with 3 days rental use was about $700. including insurance if I damaged the truck.


Edmunds must have read the owner’s manual. They say you can tow up to 1000# with this car. But beware. This is a front drive car, and if the weight pulls the rear end down, it might lift the front off the road. You will lose control when that happens, even if it is momentary. Like when you go over bumps in the road. If you have not towed anything before, I’d check the cost of shipping your stuff or renting a truck to carry your stuff and tow the Focus.

It would probably be better all around to rent a U-Haul truck for your stuff and tow the car behind it.

the money you are going to spend on the new hitch and repairs to your car far outweigh any ‘savings’ you will make by towing your stuff. Rent a Uhaul.

A co-worker, mother-in-law…did tow with a focus…it did it but the transmission trashed out later at most inconvenient time. not there is a convenient time, it left her stranded in a unsavory area.

Personally I wouldn’t, by the time you cram the car full of things and then fill the trailer even if the trailer and all that is in it was less than 1/2 ton…your net weight will be too much for the focus.

I agree rent the U-Haul truck and if you don’t some one else to drive…rent the car dolly too and tow your car. That way… IF… the U-Haul breaks down, (unlikely as that maybe), you can just unload your car and drive to safety.

I would never tow with a Ford Focus.

It’s only 800 miles. While it may sound a great deal, it’s a one day trip, one way. If you can fit your stuff in a small trailer, just make two trips, save the wear on the car, the purchase price (and following damage) of the hitch, cost of a trailer. The end result will cost about the same, but your car will be happier without being modified.

No. Rent a truck and have a friend drive your Focus behind your rental truck. Driving a trailer for a novice is sometimes tricky. Also . . . I don’t think that the little Focus is set-up for towing much, not worth the risk of engine/transmission damage to it. Rocketman

No, the trailer unloaded is a couple of hundred pounds. You will likely have too much stuff and overload the trailer and the car. Not safe, not good for the car, and you could damage the car which would cost more to repair than renting a truck.

There are options, pack a bunch of stuff and ship it. Contact a company that brings a “Pod” to your home or apt. You load it, and seal it. You drive to new city and the pod is picked up and dropped off at your new location. You unseal it, and unload it and the company picks up the empty pod a few days later.

Thanks. You have all confirmed what I thought was the answer. I was hoping that maybe it be the other way around. I’ll probably ship the stuff.

Thanks again,

Sure you can tow with it! The owners manual says it is OK, just follow the recommendation as to load and speed, this car has plenty of horsepower to handle it and you are not going to ruin anything. I had an ‘85 Toyota Corolla with a 4 cyl about 90 HP, I towed my skiff (14’ with 25 hp motor) nearly every weekend 140 miles round trip to the coast and put 240,000 miles with no problems, even still had the original clutch when I sold it, used the AC all the time too.

RE: aanders999
The plot thickens…

Personally, I don’t think a Focus is a good vehicle for towing.

However, IF you decide you must do it, follow ALL guidelines in the owners manual and for the trailer. Do NOT overload the trailer, and maintain speeds BELOW the rated speed limit for the trailer.

Most of the trailers you find for rent at major chains have speed limits of 55 mph or LESS. U-Haul rates theirs at 45 mph. DO NOT exceed this speed under any circumstances - many trailers have a nasty tendency to wobble at higher speeds, particularly under the wrong load. That speed limit is there for your safety so that you don’t have an accident caused by the trailer going nuts on you, like in this video: