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Should I tow a 5 x 8 trailer with a 2005 Corolla?

I need to drive 1500 miles towing a UHaul 5 x 8 trailer with my 2005 Corolla. Is this going to shorten the life of my car?

You might search this site for this subject. There is a great deal of negative opinion on that proposition. I’ll throw mine in here now, a Toyota Corolla is not even close to being able to safely and reliably pull a 5 X 8 trailer.

You can tow up to 1500 lbs, total weight, with a permanent class 1 hitch (no bumper hitches.) On a 5x8 trailer that’s probably at least half of what you can tow. Most moving companies or truck stops have a scale you can use to see what the total package weighs.

What might be better is to rent a larger truck and tow the Corolla on a dolly.