Should I stay off the freeway?

21 - Oxygen sensor reports too lean or too rich (bad connection or faulty sensor most likely causes)

33 - A/C relay open or shorted

34 - Cruise control servo failure

There is no 66; try reading again.

If the oxygen sensor has never been replaced, it’s overdue anyway. However, a major vacuum leak could conceivably cause both the 21 and 34 codes. But I think the problem goes beyond this. Have the fuel pressure tested. Fuel starvation can cause a lean run condition and a backfire could damage the oxygen sensor.

I am not lying! Their was a sixty-six. I know the codes only go up to 55, but that is what I counted, on multiply occassions, along with the various other codes I have gotten over the years.

I’m not lying! Their was a 66. I know the codes only go to 55 but that is what I counted, on multiple occassions, along with the various other codes I have gotten over the years.

Well, if there was one more 6, the diagnosis would be demonic possession. Otherwise, I’m stumped by the 66.

Another bit of mental rambling: Was the cruise control engaged when this happened? If so, try pulling the vacuum line off the servo and plugging it. A long shot, but a cheap thing to try. (Where are the professional wrenches? How about some help on this one, guys?)

Why would motor mounts cause an engine to lose power or die? He says the fuel pump was replaced but I had sinilar problems a while back and my problem was the fuel pump.

I could not agree more with this description. Off topic, but I had to put in my two cents

Here is a link to an article that explains the 66 Code. Google “OBD Codes 66”.

Ed B.

Ever notice how all the “keep right except to pass” signs have disappeared? Sheer volume has over-ridden the initial mode of use on the highway.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, OMG- Hecktedness (I know not a real word, I tend to make up my own gibberish) going on, those two posts about the code 66, I kept getting errors and the computers I got on kept shutting down. Anyways, I knew that code existed! I knew because it ALWAYS came up, I know that question poster, edb1961, its me! No, not really, but our stories couldn’t be anymore similar.

It would make sense if the problem was something with my wires, they are so old. So, what I’m getting from this is circuit malfunction, a charge or something is not getting from point A to B or C or XYZ.

You probably all have done your share of re-wiring on a vehicle. I’m gona read this and than probably come back and nag ya’ll with some more questions- LOL

P.S. This is probably a huh? what, like who cares, right, but I dumped the guy who considered it a waste of time to help me look for a vehicle or teach me how to drive a stick- thats a lot of why I havn’t responded to this post for so long.

Here’s one that completely infuriates me - there is a stretch of interstate near my house with a mild grade to it. There is a sign there that instructs slower vehicles to keep right on the hill - which only gives people the idea that a) there is a “slow lane” and b) this kind of rule only applies on hills.

I once became so aggravated (I spend a lot of time on the interstate) that I wrote my DOT (Virginia) to complain about this. I said - two simple signs. One is maintain a constant speed. Two is stay right except to pass. And also asked why police spend so much time worrying about speeding and seatbelts when they are not the sources of danger that I encounter every day. I was told that everyone ignores signs and will no matter what the police do. I then asked why they bother with any signs or police at all and I never received a reply. I also later found out that Virginia’s driving education book has not a single word about the use of multi-lane roads. I gave up and just curse at people a lot instead.

Did the parents get to the airport?

Uncle Turbo- Ya, my ex drove them in his car but we drove my car back from his place to my parents (he never thought their was any serious issue with the car- I was “over reacting”) cause I was the designated pet sitter.