Should I rustproof my 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD?

I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado. Should I have rust proofing done? The truck came from AZ and I live in Maryland so it is now exposed to salted roads, etc. I keep hearing conflicting advice on rustproofing.

Absolutely No. All that will do is cost you money and trap any rust there is so it can multiply faster. At the end of winter just drive through a car wash with the thing called belly wash.

Too late. Rustproofing even an AZ truck 8 years after it is built will only make things worse.


Rustproofing is done when the vehicle is NEW with no miles on it. Retro-rustproofing is counterproductive and makes the situation worse, as mentioned. Just wash the vehicle thoroughly after each winter.

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why would you want to rust proof a chevy? they don`t rust

What is the problem with applying undercoating to the painted under body surfaces of a 8 year old truck?

Well because the stuff used on the frame cracks and comes loose and actually holds the salt water in. Really cars are pretty well rust proofed from the factory now and not much else to do. They used to drill holes in the doors and so on and spray a waxy substance in the insides but then you had to bring it back every year and have it re done. I never noticed a bit of difference from the car that was rust proofed and the ones that weren’t. Just keep it clean.

Bing’s absolutely right. Rustproofing became popular after the first “gas price shocks” when import dealers realized they could sell every car they could get their hands on for Sticker plus 10% and since things like pin stripes, mud flaps and especially rustproofing were pure profit for the dealer, every car got it.
The only thing it helped was the dealer’s bottom line.