Should I retire my 2005 Dodge Ram for a 2017 Dodge Ram 3500?

Looking for a slightly used dodge ram 3500 to pull a hefty horse trailer. While I adore my 2005 dodge ram 2500, this old fellow needs to retire. Any feedback on the ram 3500 utilizing gas, not diesel? 2016-2017. Thanks.

At work our fleet does a bit of towing, nothing as heavy as a horse trailer, all our trucks are diesel.

Does it have to be a Dodge?

Because if it doesn’t, a Ford dually . . . for example, a F-450 . . . with the 6.8 liter V10 gasoline engine would be just fine for pulling a horse trailer.

Dodge truck towing capacities, with different engine, trans, and gear ratios

Click on “Towing Info” then click on “Towing Specs”


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