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Should I or shouldn't I

To: His NON-Lordship,
You have no idea what knowledge and good advice you could have had. Instead, you chose to foster hatred towards your arrogant self. It’s your loss; but, then, maybe that’s what you wanted.

To: Genteel Readers,
With that response from NOT-a-Lordship (at 12/19/2009 7:13:23PM), with his arrogance, ill manners, and other anti-social qualities, he fades into the wash of more germane posts (such as, “What color car should I buy?”); leaving in his wake a whole (and growing) group of people he evidently wanted to make enemies of. He succeeded, wildly! Not to wish him ILL…but, HEY, shouldn’t he reap what he has SOWN?

PS: Genteel Readers,
Happy Holidays!!

Does hiswonderfulfullofhimselfness also go by the moniker, Jack Cass?