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Should I keep my car?


I have a 2004 mazda 6i, and i have approx. 139,400 miles on it. Well last night the motor oil in the engine went dry, and there were no leaks on the ground that morning. i don’t know what happened and of course the engine locked because of no oil.

So, i need your advice, should I keep the car n get a used or new engine or just sell it to carmax?

I not sure is it worth keeping the car?

thank you

I don’t really want to get another car.

There is a company that buys cars in non running condition. The phone number is 1.877.877.7911 and they have a web site:

Perhaps you should give them a call.

Well, the oil had to have gone somewhere. But it sounds like we’re past that point now.

Have you priced getting a new (or used) engine for this car? No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If everything else on the car meets your needs, I’d at least price a new engine before getting rid of the car.

Good luck.