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Should I get a new car or stay with my old one?

Well 10 years ago i bought van brand newand loved it. It has been very good to in the ten years but lately i’ve benn having problems that are really expensive, but i don’t no if i should buy a new one. i am getting it fix, because if i get a new one i need it for a trai-in. Do you think i will continue to have problems, because it has 106,000 miles on it?

What kind do you have? What kind of problems?

Without knowing more of the history, like what repairs when etc. we can’t really say much about the future. Many people start asking this question when they find they need a timing belt change, new brakes and maybe a charcoal replacement. Of those only the charcoal replacement is a repair (the rest are maintenance) and it is usually caused by the way you fill the tank.

The general guidelines would suggest you are about half way in the useful life of your car or less and it will be more economical to keep your car another ten years than to replace it.

BTW if you are talking your car to the dealer for service, you likely can save a lot of money by using a local independent mechanic.