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Should I follow the owners manual

I was reading through my owners manual on the 2002 Kia sedona I just bought. According to the owners manual when it comes to changing out the transmission fluid, you just need to remove the drain plug, drain out the old fluid and replace with new. It gives the type that should be used and the amount that should be put in. So according to the owners manual a drop of the pan either is not needed or can’t be done on this type of mini van and a suck system/drain isn’t needed. So should I just take it to my mechanic, have him just do a drain and fill?

Good question indy! If it is the same arrangement as a Honda transmission, then you pull the plug, drain the fluid, and leave it long enough, like engine oil, to get all the crud out.

I don’t know how many miles are on your Sedona, but if it is high mileage and you don’t know whether the fluid has been drained, I would take it to a good trnasmission shop and see if the pan can be lowered and cleaned out. However, the instruction manual should normally be followed.

In all cases, make absolutely sure the right plug is pulled; quick lube places have been known to drain the engine oil instead or vice versa. On a Suabru, these plugs are quite close together.

Good luck and let us know how you made out.

My Volvo’s all have trans drain plugs,I do a drain/refill when the normally red fluid turns a little brownish.If you change your own oil,I would give it a try,its a little messy because normally you need to refill thru the trans dipstick and you need a long funnel.Good luck.

Just drain and fill, what could be easier. Even easier to change than your oil because there is no messy filter to change. Just make sure you use the right fluid, don’t let anyone put in a "universal " fluid or Dextron with an additive pack.
Did your Tarus finally die or did you junk it still running?

quick lube places have been known to drain the engine oil instead or vice versa.

And that is on their good day.

I don’t know your car, but if it is like most, I would drop the pan and clean the filter.

I don’t trust owner’s manuals when it comes to transmission service recommendations. If that pan can be dropped, I’d have it done. And chances are there is a filter somewhere.

If its like Honda’s, just pull the plug, drain and refill. The drain plug is magnetized and will have dirt/crud sticking to it. Just wipe it off and reinstall.

It was on it’s last legs, water and oil mixing and such, got $300 in trade for it when I got this 2002 Kia Sedona mini van.

It’s just past 135,000. From what I can see the previous owner (it was a 1 owner vehicle) took good care, so my guess is he had the fluid changed but it isn’t bright red so I figured it would be wise to drain and refill.

The owners manual listes the type of fluid i should use adn how much the transmission holds.

Careful, the owners manual for my 02 Hyundai Sonata shows trans capacity as 8.2 quarts BUT a drain & refill requires only 5 quarts and theres no filter to change. At the 1st change I simply measured the amount drained (using 2 1 gallon milk jugs) & added the same amount. Warmed it up & checked the level. Done deal.

I drain & fill every 40,000 miles & with 157,000 miles on the car we,ve had no transmission problems at all.

It’s been a great little car.

Is your owners manual showing total capacity or the amount needed for a drain & fill??

When I had this done on my van at 30K, I just bought the fluid at the dealer and took it to my mechanic - can’t get the wrong kind there.