Should I change calipers 8 years old 70K miles

I have a 2011 kia soul.
Ive had it 8 years and its got about 70K miles.

Im changing out the rotors/pads and shoes/springs.
Went in for an inspection and they passed it but said rear brakes were worn 90%. When I got back in I noticed parking brake wasnt holding as they must have fiddled with it.

Got home took rear wheels of to tighten adjuster on shoes I noticed that the rear rotors look a little rusted and feel pitted like the rear pads hasnt been getting pushed against it. The pads still have good life left in them. The shoe hardware is rusted out but I redo that every couple years as I have manual and use the parking brake alot.

Could be just the pads stuck and needs lube in the channel or the caliper pistons not working.

Got me to thinking if just changing out all the calipers would be a good idea. The car is 8 and in a snowy region.
I know most people say if they aren’t sticking they are fine but id rather not wait until its -15 out and have to do a brake job.
Any thoughts on if a pre-emptive caliper/brake line change is a good move.

I live in Minnesota.

And the calipers in my 97 Accord are original. So don’t replace them unless they show a sign of a problem.

I did have to replace the brake lines from the front to back. But again, my car is 22 years old.



Calipers aren’t generally replaced pro-actively. If there’s a problem w/one, it can often be fixed without replacing the caliper. Caliper slides sticking and pistons getting stuck are common faults with calipers and can cause similar symptoms, and which often can be repaired.