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Should I buy this car?

My flatmate is selling an old style 5 year Nissan Micra with low mileage but it’s had its ECU replaced 14 months ago by the dealer. Not broken down since but I am worried about it breaking down again. Any advice?

These were good little cars, but uncomfortable and with limited performance. IF your flatmate has kept up the maintenace by the book, and driven the car conservatively, and the mileage is reasonably low, it would be a good buy if the asking price is around what the blue book says.

We don’t really know enough about your flatmate or the car, hence all the IFs.

14 months is a good record and it probably means that the problem was solved. This is true unless you have heard a lot of complaining in the last 14 months.

Worried About It Breaking Down Again?

Buying a 5 year old car from a stranger is reason to worry about purchasing. Buying from your flatmate … well, that’s a lot better deal providing that the advice given by Docnick and Pleasedodgevan gives positive vibes.

Your flatmate is the one with the possible worries. I have learned never to sell a vehicle to friends or relatives.

If the car passes a thorough inspection from YOUR trusted mechanic, and you think the price is reasonable, I don’t see a reason not to buy it.

You are planning to have the car thoroughly inspected by your mechanic before you buy it, aren’t you?

As stated, that’s as much of a question for Dr. Phil as it is for Click and Clack.