Should I buy a 2000 Toyota Echo with 255k on it?

Your Fit gets worse gas mileage then my 2 automatic Civics? Anyway the little Toyotas are great basic transportation-but at 255 K ,I would stay away-Kevin

It wouldn’t surprise me to see a Fit owner get worse mileage than a Civic owner. The 2012 Honda Civic with a 1.8L and auto is rated 28/39. The 2012 Honda Fit with an auto is rated 27/33 or 28/35, depending on trim.

With ratings like that, you’re likely to see driver-to-driver variances being bigger than the model-to-model variances…

Compact cars have two inherrent advantages over subcompact cars. First, longer cars have aerodynamic benefits over shorter from the get go. This along with the upright packaging to carry as much stuff makes them wind catchers. Secondly, along with this advantage, compacts like the Civic usually have stronger motors working less hard while often carrying the same payload. City mileage at low speeds is often the only clear mileage advantage for these too tiny cars IMO. @Eraser1998, it seems your numbers confirm that.

I had a 2002 Prism standard for too short a time. It was limited for interior space but designed for good economy with excellent aerodynamics. With a strong Corolla motor, if I ever got less then 38 mpg, it was certainly my lead foot’s fault, not the car’s. I can’t see much in the way of these subs touching it…

I, too, have a 2000 Toyota Echo and want to chime in with the other Echo owner. This has been a GREAT car. Sure, there are repairs, but what car doesn’t have to have maintainance/repairs? It passed 200,000 a couple of weeks ago and runs great. However, i agree w/everyone else who say 4,000 is waaaaay too much to pay for one with that amount of miles on it. $500 would be a fair price for a “junker.”

Old cars with high mileage generally go for $750-$1000. That is if they run well. Paying anything more is foolish; the seller may still love the car and think it is worth more.

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Just look at what a Volvo or BMW of that age and mileage would cost.
That puts it in perspective.


Never buy ANY car with 225K on the meter…$4000?? How about $900 The Echo was an Econo-Box with a capital “E”

You can buy a clean Crown Vic with under 125K miles for that money…get to ride in a real car…

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@mherman is that a private party sale?
If so, that guy is smoking rock all night long!

Edmunds says the car is worth about $1600 in a private sale.

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Cars with that kind of mileage are usually just given away, donated, or sold for under $500. No way is it worth $4000. My Riviera had 350,000 on it and I sold it for $50. I had agreed to $100 but the light switch went out on it. And that was with a new $70 battery and a full tank of gas. The only way I got rid of my other Riviera was to trade it.

I bought a car that old for $200. The other one I got for free. One cost $1200 to get semi-right; the free one cost only $650 to be as good as it could be, which was nice. Both interiors were kind of bad. I would never pay $4000 for one that looked and ran great. Oh, a third car was free but I owned it for a week and decided to just junk it.

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Hey Guys you need to look at the adds for used cars. I have been looking for a used car for my daughter. The motor in her Jeep let go. I first went looking for a good used motor. $1300-$1500 for one with a 100000-150000 miles on it. So I went looking for a car or truck for around $2000. Cars and trucks for $2000 -$4000 all have over 150000 and most $2000-$3000 have over 200000 on them. The $1000-$2000 range mite as well be in the junk yard. Oh the times they are a changing.

That’s an absurd price for that car. Blue book has it for half of that or less. For $6k, I got a 2001 Accord with the manual, and a few goodies with 102k on it, and it averages about 30 mpg.

The only way I’d buy a car that old with that many miles for $4000 if they left $4000 in the glovebox.

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I say yes but the price it to much but other than that she still has many miles to go. I own a 2002 Toyota echo that has 322K miles on it. I love it. Yes she isstarting to burn a bit of oil and now this year (2019) she has a small bit of rust but seriously it’s a great car! I can get teenagers and their stuff, or my camping equipment or 25 2x4s from one end to the other inside. It has lots of room and en extra tall roof. Plus the 5 cup holders and many cubbie storage spaces. I wish they would make new ones just like it.i know this is an old feed but I thought it might help someone else.


You replied to a question asked almost 7 years ago in Dec. 2012
So the price was probably fair then.

Classy! :boom:


I always thought this was a kinda ugly car but anyone I have ever known who has one just thinks they are great. I like econo cars myself and apparently this was a good one although I don’t think it is good looking. Apparently is has a cult following.

Toyotas have a lot of followers. Buy this as a project car but don’t pay a premium price for it.