Should a break booster make noise?

Got the rotors and brake pads replaced on a 2016 jeep renegade. Immediately, the car started making a new sound. When you brake to come to a full stop there is a rotary grinding/scraping sound that seems to come from the back passenger side. At first, it only made this sound the first 2-3 full stops, over a week it began to make the sound every time you stop.

The mechanic said it the car’s vacuum/ break booster being activated and that’s the sound it should make. But my car has never made this sound before, and the noise is getting worse (more frequent and louder).

Should a car’s break booster ever be loud enough to hear with the radio on? Can you think of a way the issue was caused in the process of changing the rotors and pads? Should I accept that this is a normal sound and my brake system was not damaged?

Your mechanic is either an idiot or lying to you. Brake boosters don’t grind.

You can either argue with your mechanuc to fix it correctly… you can show him my post if you want…or find a better, more honest mechanic.


It seems that you have noisy brake pads and your mechanic is listening to a different sound. Were you both in the vehicle at the same time when the noise occurred?

+1 to Mustangman’s post.
The OP’s mechanic is hoping that the OP goes away before discovering the real problem.


To clarify, This noise seems very different than brake pad grinding- I took that car in for worn down brake pads and this is different, not nearly as high pitched or loud . The way I’ve been describing it is it sounds like a turbine starting; its a rotary sounding in nature, mechanical.

What should I tell the mechanic to fix this issue?? I’ve fought tooth and nail trying to explain this is the first time my car has made this sound but his reply is “I don’t know why you think your car has never made this sound before.”

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Are the brake pads identical to the originals? If they are a different material, that could be the cause of the sound. Look at your receipt and see if the brake pads have a part number and manufacturer. If so, maybe we can figure out wha the material is. The original pads likely really are the ones put on at the factory. That might make comparison a lot easier. If not, ask the mechanic what he put on. Don’t be confrontational, just try to find out. Don’t tell him he did anything wrong. If he asks why you want to know, tell him.

My vote would be for the brake pads. I always go OEM on the pads. Depending the the noise I suppose anti-squeal lube or the shims may have not been used.

The brake booster vacuum pump is what you hear.


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