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Shock Tower Surface Rust On 2007 Highlander - Your Opinion Requested

Hello folks,
I’d like the opinion of the community, particularly mechanics and restorers. I own a 2007 Toyota Highlander that I keep in very good operating condition. It is a vehicle I love and I’d like to keep it for up to five more years. It has 111,000 miles and no rust underneath in the subframes or unit-body panels, nor any on the body panels or around the common areas one might find rust.

This image shows the only spot. Both Shock tower mounts under the hood have what I think is surface rust. This is a New England car, so salt is a daily thing. What do you think? No bid deal, or something I should address, and if so, suggestions. I think that the brace has a rubber part inside and that it allows for a bit of flex, so I hesitate to hit it with WD-40 or Rustoleum. At least without the group’s collective wisdom first. Thanks.

That’s not the strut tower.

It’s the strut mount.




Thanks! Should I be proactive about this rust and change it out, or skip worrying about it in your opinion?

Looks like lots of remaining metal, I wouldn’t worry about it.


Agree with both answers. Strut mount that is really not that rusty.

The mount will likely need replacing before the next 110K miles. You replace them when you need new struts or springs often in a “quick strut” that has all those things brand new already assembled for the mechanic to bolt in.

This what the assembly looks like ready to bolt in for between $70 and $130 per corner from RockAuto



I wouldn’t worry about it.

If it really bugs you, smear some motor oil on the mount to stop the rust.

Then replace it when the struts are replaced.



Thanks folks! I feel a lot better about this now. If I ever go for a full resto I will look for the quick strut option and replace the mounts then. Cheers!