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Shipping cars in 1928

Ever wonder how they shipped Buicks by train in 1928? Wonder no more (you’ll need to click on the ‘Watch on Vimeo’ button):

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What a fantastic video. Any modern day transport driver who grumbles about his job should watch this. My back hurts watching that…

Also not widely known, it was common back in the day for car dealers to own a Harley or Indian 3-wheeler for service work.
The customer would call the dealer and the dealer would dispatch the 3-wheeler. On-site, the 3 wheeler driver would attach the trike to the back bumper of the car with the attached tow bar on the 3-wheeler and drive the car back to the shop.
When service was done the car was driven back to the customer with 3-wheeler in tow, the car was dropped off, and the mechanic would ride the trike back to the dealer.

I’ve actually got one of those tow bar assemblies stashed in my attic. I bought it a long time ago on a whim due to rarity.


One other thing that jumped out at me - the amount of smoke coming out of the exhaust on these new Buicks - how times have changed!

I found myself envying the gas can they used. No spring loaded, rotate to unlock, push to dispense cr@p. And they both seem to leak about the same amount when used. :wink: