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Shifting in and out of neutral

Does it damage an automatic tranhsmission to shift in and out of neutral while driving? I’m trying to save gas and do this to coast.

You do put a little extra wear and tear on the transmission and the rest of the drivetrain doing this, and you won’t save gas. This is also supposedly illegal in some places.

If you’re continually doing this as you drive you may reduce the life of the tranny. Whether this is meaningful depends on the tranny. If it would have long outlasted the car it may mean nothing. If it would have worn out before the rest of the car, it might do so a bit sooner than it would have.

When your car is coasting in drive, most cars shut off fuel delivery to the engine. Coasting in neutral will make the car pump fuel to idle the engine. Coasting in neutral will use more fuel.

I beg to differ. If fuel were shut off to the engine, the engine would misfire and the codes would trip.

saving gas ? look at your tachometer and take notice of the rpm during coasting. is it more or less than the rpm in gear durring the same speed ? Depending on the hiway speed you’re driving, you might notice the rpm is actually more in neutral that in gear.