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Shaking when accelerating

I have a ford expedition 2001 5.4L v8 and when im going 60-70 and accelerating everything vibrates, when idleing the truck tries to die and sometimes does, ive replace the air filter the idle air control valve and the mass airflow sensor and still have this problem, both bank one and two run lean, and my oil cap collects a milky substance that kinda smells like gas and i am looking for anyone who can tell me what to do to fix this

That would seem to indicate that coolant has gotten into the crankcase, and the likely cause is a breached head gasket.

I would suggest that you do a compression test and that you also have a mechanic use his “sniffer” to determine if there is contamination of the oil. If the head gasket is breached, then you have to make the big decision as to whether to spend money on that type of repair with an 18 year old vehicle.

Thank you for the information, i will do

Havent had a chance to fix the oil yet but i canged my transmission fluid (much needed) and it still vibrates i was thinking it was maybe slipping could my bank 1 and 2 being lean make it misfire and cause it to shake like this?

Yes. Misfire causes are usually from the list below

  • Spark problem
  • Too much/too little fuel
  • Too much/too little air
  • Compression problem

Given the diagnostic codes, suggest to ask your shop to start with a fuel trim test.