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Shaking in front of 2000 Volvo S40

My 22-year-old daughter has a 2000 Volvo S40. It is shaking in the front of the car around 50 to 60 miles per hour. Also it shakes when she turns. If you let off of the gas it stops. A mechanic has looked at it and does not think the problem is the axel, universal joint, etc. He is not sure what is causing the shaking. What could this problem be?

Could be bad tires and or the balance of these.

It stops when the power is off (ie.let off the gas) , but the speed does not change?

The tires were checked.

In addition to checking for bad or unbalanced tires, make sure the lug nuts are tight on both front wheels. Last year I was driving my 98 Windstar on the highway when I felt a slight shaking/vibration through the steering wheel. I took the next exit, pulled over and discovered the lug nuts on a recently changed wheel were loose.

Ed B.

I would start looking at the power steering and the entire front end. Has the belt been checked and or replaced?

If you are going 50 to 60 mph and the car will be shaking. If you let off the gas the shaking stops as you are slowing down from letting off the gas.

The timing belt was replaced about 10,000 miles ago. Could it be loose?

Not the timing belt, but the power steering drive belt. The pump could be slipping.

The lugs were checked and they are tight. Thanks for your suggestion. We were hoping that was all that was wrong,too.

No,that has not been checked. I will get that done next. Any other suggestions come to mind? Thanks

Nothing at this time, except what you could do is take it for a front end alignment to see these people can tell you of a worn part or parts in the front end.

I’ve got the same issue on my S60. I just posted a thread on here… Did you ever find what was wrong with it? Everyone says tires, but there’s no way. Had axles replaced as well and still doing it. UGH