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Shaking front end

I have a 2006 scion xb with 106000 miles. It has 17" custom wheels on it. When I test drove it I noticed some vibration up front and assumed the tires were not balanced good. I rotated the tires and noticed a slight difference but it still shakes around 70-80mph. I cant feel any vibration from the back of the car. Sometimes at 65 mph it’s fine, other times it will shake. Since the shake isn’t at 65 all the time, could my problem be worn out struts?

Tires, struts, wheel bearings, tie rods, ball joints…you can just throw a dart at the board.

Maybe just take it to your best local front end/alignment shop and get everything a once over.

Of course, if you’re saying that the wheel installation started this then maybe one of he wheels itself has an issue rather than just a tire.

If you rotated tires and the problem really didn’t change, then it’s probably not tires. The fact that the vibration isn’t always there are 65 - and the fact that it primarily occurs at over 70 mph - points to something other than tires.

One possibility that admittedly doesn’t fit the symptoms,but is nevertheless something to consider. Custom wheels are sometimes made so the center hole doesn’t center the wheel on the hub - unlike virtually every OE wheel.

To correct this, it is common for these wheels to have hub rings - plastic or aluminum rings that snugly fit to both the hub and the wheel. If your wheels don’t have this, then that might cause the wheel to be mounted slightly off center.

Again, this does not fit your symptoms, but you should check it anyway!