Shakey ride

I have a 2001 grand marquis with 87k and when I am on the road it doesn’t feel like it holding the road very well especially over bumps–it seems to want to slide over the bump as opposed to just holding the road–other then the insecure ride the car is very dependable–it seems to be more of a concern now that I am paying attention to quality of the ride! Any help–thank you

Have someone check out the shocks. Also all of the front-end parts such as baa-joints and tie-rod ends. With 87K, any of these parts could be worn out.

You could have the frame and wheels alignment checked, as well as check for weak shocks or broken/sagging springs. Faulty tires can also give this strange feeling.

Also grossly over inflated or under inflated tyres can give that kind of feeling. Remember the inflation information on the tyre is not a recommended setting, only the max for the tyre, it may be over inflation for your tyre.