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Severe vibration that goes away on curves

I have a 2001 Dodge Stratus that’s been suffering from front end vibrations of various forms for over a year. It’s bad upon breaking so I assumed rotors. They tested runout of up to .008 inches and were replaced. Break hoses replaced also. Driver’s side caliper was also recently replaced. New rotors seemed to help for a while but vibration soon returned upon breaking. Recently vibration has gotten much worse on driver side to the point of knocking. the vibration and knocking goes away on curves and isn’t as bad when first driven for the day. The rotor was swapped out and pad rails greased. This seemed to help temporarily but was soon back to some pretty serious vibration. The tire on the front left is wearing on edges and the passenger side is wearing on the inboard side. There’s also mild bearing noise on the driver side that can be heard/felt when the calliper was off. I’m begining to think that the “rotor problem” is something other than rotors. The passenger side tie rod end was replaced during this time and the driver side still seems solid. Is there one failure that could be causing these symptoms and encouraging rotors and bearings to fail? Also, one it getts going the vibration is not speed dependant, but does take a bit of momentum to get started.

Someone has replaced a bunch of parts for no reason.

Sounds like wheel bearing.

It also sounds like they could be over tightening your lug nuts each time they change out a rotor if they truly are warped. If your tires are wearing on the edges they could also be cupping which can cause noise and vibration. Run you hand down both shoulders of each tire. If they are cupping it will feel wavy leading me to believe there is something else wrong with the frontend

The passenger tie rod end was replace because it had massive vertical play. The driver side calliper was replaced because the rubber boot was torn. Admitidly rotors may have been a waste.
Two things I forgot to mention, wheel bearings were replaced nine months ago. I hit a curb with passenger side wheel a mont ago. The wheel was parallel to the curb during inpact and the wheel and hubcap replaced. Things seemed fine for a few weeks.
Yesterday, after posting I decided to give it another look and swapped the tires on the driver side front and back. the massive vibration is now gone. It’s now back to a less severe but still very anoying vibration during breaking.