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Servise engine light

I have a 1986 Winstar van the service engine light has receintly come on and now the van tries to stall when at idle I have to put it in neutral a lot to keep from stalling.

Do you have a question? I don’t know what kind of system a 1986 Winstar would have, but I suspect there is a way of reading what is causing the service engine light. Does it flash when you first turn on the ignition, but does not start? If so, count the flashes (may be in groups) and report back here. It may be like 3 flashes, pause 2 flashes pause then 5 flashes and pause.

They didn’t make the Windstar until 1995. I think the OP has a 1996 model, which would be OBDII compliant. I would recommend taking it to an Autozone or Advance Auto and have it scanned for codes.

Assuming it is really a 1996, which sounds right to me, then I would suggest exactly what FoDaddy suggested. Post them back here and include the actual code like [P0123] .

It’s a 1998 and the light comes on and stays on when the care is started no flashing lights. When I get the codes I will post. Thanks