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"Service Stabilitrak" and "Engine Power Reduced" messages in a 2008 Chevrolet Impala

For the past several months, every now and then while driving the engine power will reduce and the Driver Information Center will display two messages: “Service Stabilitrak” and “Engine Power Reduced”, and the ESC and Check Engine dashboard lights will come on. Shifting becomes rough especially between 1st and 2nd gears. After turning off the car for 10 minutes or so, the engine power will be restored and the ESC light goes out but the Check Engine Light remains lit. After a day or so the Check Engine light goes out. Otherwise the car runs normally. This happens at least once on every long trip where I am out on the highway - sometimes multiple times on a single road trip. It does not happen in short trips around home.

If the Check Engine light comes on, the ESC will prompt the Service Stabilitrak and Engine Power Reduced message. This is because ESC uses the engine/transmission as part of its function.

Once it’s figured out what’s causing the Check Engine light to come on and it’s repaired, it should take care of the other problems.