Service intervals for 2009 Civic SI

On my 2009 Civic SI they don’t give mileage for when to service anything. Everything is calculated by a “Maintenance Minder” computer. How reliable is this and is there any where that I could find out mileages for the many items that need regular service?

Depends on how its calculated. Probably just mileage. I’m pretty sure what ever method it is…it’ll be fine.

Yikes. Not even the owner’s manual gives any time/mileage intervals?

If that’s all they give you, then I guess that’s what you have to work with. I sure wouldn’t like it, though.

The computer should do a good job of telling you when to service what, but frankly I would like to have a backup plan. After all, if that computer malfunctioned and did not report needed service, how would you ever know?

The computer calculates maintenance intervals using MANY inputs, not just mileage. The computer knows how many times the car has been started, how many miles it is driven, whether the trips are short or long, how high you rev the engine, etc. It knows the temperature of the engine and the air, it knows how all of the sensors are working, and whether or not the engine is running as it should. In short, the computer is better at figuring out when to change the oil than we are.

Trust the computer. The Honda engineers do, and they’re the best in the business.