Service Engine soon Warning


Today when i was driving my car on the highway suddenly i saw the service engine soon warning, so many times i restarted the engine but its not helping. After that i went to the service center and they said the code PO171, it might be oxygen sensory. Could you please help me out.


Have a gander:

FYI: cleaning a MAF sensor is pretty easy. Checking for vacuum leaks is a bit trickier but requires no esoteric skills or tools. The O2 sensor is probably just the “messenger” (it is what picks up on the lean condition). Many people decide to shoot it. They’re often wrong.

Service Engine soon Warning

That sounds like it was the CEL (Check Engine Light) not a Service Engine Soon light. Double check your owner’s manual.

Joseph - the OP had the car scanned and provided a code. I think that makes it obvious. Many MILs were labeled “service engine soon”