Service engine soon light on 2008 maxima

i have a 2008 maxima with 30000+ miles. its service engine soon light came on recently. i disconnected the battery the light would go off, but would come back on again after a few days. it happened several times now. once i got a code P0011 from autozone while the light was on. the last time the light was on was a week ago and this time the light finally went off by itself yesterday. i took my car to a dealer today. a service advisor told me the reading on his code-reader is NO CODE and the car is fine!. so what have happened and what is wrong with it? could it be serious? - See more at:

Read your owner’s manual.
It’ll tell you that the light is a reminder that scheduled service is due. It’ll also tell you how to turn the light off. The scheduled that came with your owner’s manual will tell you WHAT service is due. I recommend reading it.

Did it come on right after an oil change?

thanks casper. indeed, several times light on were right after oil change.


Read page 4, please

This is NOT a maintenance reminder light

Oil level could be low

I read the PDF and was unable to find a relevant parahraph.

The vehicle does have a Service Engine Soon light that can be reset by the operator, seperate from the CEL, and since the OP said that’s what was lit, I took him at his word. Disconnecting and reconecting the battery could easily have tripped a code, and since it didn’t relight after clearing it and a code scan after showed no stored codes, I still see no reason to believe it’s anything other than the Service Engine Soon light. Mine begins to blink every 4500 miles and lights solid at 5000 miles.

It’s interesting how two people can read the same thing and have two different opinions . . .