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Service engine light is on

I own 2005 Mini cooper (non S); SES has come on a few times-diagnostic results: replace spark plugs (done); replace ignition coil (done); additive to clean dirt and debris from cylinders and fuel injectors (done); addtional diag revealed low compression in #2 cylinder. Light has been on now for a few days. What do you suggest I do now? don’t like getting nickled and dimed trying to fix this SES light from coming on every week or so… thanks, ali

First there are two lights that are after confused. Most if not all cars today have CEL’s, some have SES.

The CEL is a Check Engine Light. It means the car’s computer has noticed something is not right with the car and may need service. Normally it will store an error code that can be read and can point towards a part or system that appears to have a problem. It should store a code that can be read with the right tool. The code will be in the format of [P1234]. It will not tell someone to replace pugs etc, but it may say there appears to be something wrong with the #4 cylinder. The mechanic then should do his part and determine exactly why the light came on.

An SEL Service Engine Soon Light means the car believes it is due for maintenance. If it should not come back for a long time normally.

Check your owner’s manual for more details related to your Mini.

We need to know more about which light came on. If it was the CEL then we need the actual code (that [P1234] format.

An SEL should only mean standard maintenance, not a repair.

“Clean dirt and debris from cylinders and fuel injectors” sounds like a boat payment is due.

Who is doing this work?  

* Fast Oil Change place is by their nature bad.

* Dealer, generally more expensive and different than an independent mechanic, but no better.  You are not required to have a dealer do any work, unless it is being done free.

* Independent Mechanics vary in quality, so ask around.  Your friends neighbors co workers etc. should be able to recommend a good independent.

It is the SEL (Service Engine Soon) light; according to owners manual and the dashboard display, my mini is due for Inspection 1 (in another 1000 miles). Currently, odometer reading is at 75,000 miles.

cleaning of dirt, debris from injectors, cylinders and valves (was free):slight_smile:

work was done by a reputable, independent car repair shop in my village (I live in Germany)-did not use a Fast Oil change business:-)

A Check Engine/Service Engine Soon light are the same thing. It means the computer has stored a Diagnostic Trouble Code. You can read about it here.