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Serpentine Belt Broke

I was driving my Yaris when there was a loud bang as I accelerated. The charging system light came on, followed by the low engine coolant indicator light. The check engine light came on as well. I was 15 minutes from home, so I chanced it and drove home. It drove fine and I made it home. The check engine light DTC: P0117-Engine Coolant Temperature Circuit Low. Under the hood, the serpentine belt was gone. My question is, can I just replace the belt, or does the timing need to be checked?

Replace the serpentine belt.

That’s the failure.


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The serpentine belt has nothing to do with timing .

I think it was very foolish to drive 15 minutes with no belt . . . because the water pump was not circulating any coolant

You got pretty lucky, it would seem


The water pump, alternator or A/C compressor may have seized causing the belt to break, before installing the new belt check each pulley to see if they spin freely.

P0117 fault occurs when the coolant temperature exceeds 284 F, there may be some coolant loss or engine damage, check the radiator and coolant reservoir levels before starting the engine.


Based on my experience, out of those components you mentioned, the ac compressor is the most likely

Across multiple brands and models, for those who are curious

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