Seriously: Is my 2009 Escape cursed?

I have owned four Fords and have never had problems like I am with this 28K car. Non-hybrid, 3 cyl, V6. I am really bummed and at a loss of what to do, so please weigh in.

Gas has “leaked” as I filled it up, for the first time ever. Dealer can’t find anything wrong.

Had JUST picked the car up after having trannie repaired, plus a “scored” CV axle replaced. If not under factory warranty, would have cost $3,500.

Last December, the ASY bearing had to be replaced.

I bought it used, last year, from a reputable fleet dealer. I like the car, but worry it’s just a bad apple.

I could wait to see if more problems come up, but if they do and I sell it I’ll feel guilty about dumping it.

Is this just bad luck? Should I wait and see? Or sell it now before it gets more miles on it?

I am just curios, what the heck is a 3 cyl. V6?

You aren’t telling us where the gas is leaking from, and you put “leaked” in quotes, which makes me wonder if it really leaked at all. Without knowing this, we really can’t advise you on this. But I can say that I’ve driven a good number of Escapes as my company leases them, and I have been very underimpressed with the amount of stuff that breaks on them.

Where did it leak from? If you don’t know, than what makes you think it leaked?
What was the tranny repair?
Which bearing assy did you have replaced? Which 1/2 shaft?

I ask only because a tranny repair combined with a half shaft replacement and a bearing assembly replacement on a one year old car suggest possible accident damage. The “gas leak”, if it’s just smelling gas, could be a damaged canister and/or EVAP valve (and/or solenoid) it they’re near the same corner of the car that the other three problems were.

Aare you in the habit of topping off the tank after it clicks off the first time? That can do it.

Thanks, all.

Fuel came out from under car, where gravity probably pulled it from some sort of reserve. Turns out that there was overflow, which did not come out where I could see that – instead flowing down vent and under car. Was probably an overly-fast nozzle. So all is well. (No, I don’t top off, by the way.)

Have decided to get independent car fax and also check VIN against recalls. Thanks for your comments, all!