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Sequence of events of oil change , filter or oil change first

I change my own oil on my 96 Nissan pickup. I use a ramp to access the oil drain plug But must bring the truck down to turn the wheels hard right to change the oil filter to access the oil filter through the passenger wheel well ( can’t/won’t turn wheels while on the ramp) Which do I do first change oil or change oil filter AND why.

I would use a vacuum changer.   I use a Pella, but there are other brands.  They just such the old oil out.  It is cleaner and easier for many cars.  The one I use was not expensive and I use it because it is easier than using the usual drain.

However different cars can be more or less of a problem so my advice may not be best for your 96 Nissan.  Also some cars don't seen to drain as well with a vacuum changer (My pella is a manual version you provide the suction.)

Since the engine needs to run to assist in turning the wheels.
Turn the wheels first, leave them turned.
Raise the truck and rest on jack stands ( ramps don’t seem to fit this job description ).
Perform oil drain and filter change. No need to change the wheels they’re already turned and secured on jack stands.
Lower the truck and fill with oil.

I doubt that it makes any difference. In this case, I would change the filter first and then drive it up the ramps to change the oil. This way, there is oil in the pan when you start the engine after changing the filter, so you are getting lubrication to the bearings. Then, after you have drained the oil and replaced it with fresh oil, there is oil in the filter. If you are changing your oil on a regular basis, I doubt that you are contaminating the new oil very much.

No difference what-so-ever.

I’m with Ken Green. My Odyssey’s oil filter is most easily accessed by turning the wheel hard right and reaching in through the wheel well. Get a decent jack and some stands. What kind of ground clearance does the Pathfinder have? I’d be tempted to park on a slight uphill with the wheels cut and see if I could get under there without ramps.

I doubt this truck needs to go on either ramps or jack stands to access the oil drain plugs. On one of my cars the oil filter is easier to access through the top but I’m not very tall so once its on ramps its a PITA for me. So I have actually done the drainplug without getting the car up in the air at all. Its a Ford Escort. Unless you’re truck is lowered I’m sure its got more clearance that my car.

I have a 97 Nissan PU 2wd, totally stock and I change the oil without driving it onto ramps or jacking it up, but it is tight. I take the oil drain plug out most of the way, then slip the drain pan edge under the plug and finish removing it.

But if you want a little more room, then just use a couple of 2x8 or 2x10’s about a foot to 18" long. That 1.5" makes a big difference and you can turn the tires while on them. A 97 and 96 are essentially the same.

Either way you would have old oil purged from the filter and mixed with your new oil. So no difference.