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Sell, Trade In or Keep

Our 2006 Subaru Forester (67,000 miles) stopped on the interstate. The check engine light came on. A sound like a jackhammer ensued, and the cruise light came on intermittently. We were on a road trip, so we had it towed back to the dealership where they said the entire engine had to be replaced. So we replaced it at a cost of $6,600, half of which was covered by their customer service department (as we had regularly serviced the car). Less than a week later, the check engine and the cruise light came on again. Subaru fixed the emission switch. It seems like it is driving ok now; however, it seems to run a bit slower than it used to. I am wondering if it is best to keep, sell, or trade in this car as I am a bit worried to continue driving it. Any advice?

did they say why the engine died on you in the first place?

Funny how people describe their issue. Our car stopped on the highway. Why? Cuz the tranny failed? Was motor running fine? But anyways, they stopped. Than motor made awful racket. Like a dropped valve? Threw a rod? U snap a timing belt and motor will not run. It will die. Did motor break a rocker arm? Valve spring? So they replaced motor. But did not say even vaguely what was wrong with motor.

Trade it in. Likely the car is just fine, but I sense a loss of confidence in the car. If you keep it you’ll wish you had traded at the first sign of trouble.

Guys I suspect his timing belt died —once had this happen to me on a non-Sube car. It just stops; and if you’re unlucky your pistons kiss your tappets and Mr. Engine is toast. New engine, OK. Aside from psych. factors which are perfectly legit —you need to trust your horse er car.

I am not a mechanic. Corrections welcome.

Agree with Uncle Turbo
It’s perfectly legit to trade a car you loose confidence in.

+1 for dagosa. If I lose confidence in a vehicle it’s gone…no if, ands or buts.

+2 for Dag.
If a car ever gets to where I worry about driving it, it goes. No other reason is needed.

+3 for dagosa. peace of mind is state of mind

But car has NEW engine. It ran ok right up until it died. Now it should run the same as before, maybe even better? It’s new after all! So u spent 3k to fix it and at least u can sell it now since it runs. So car was worth 8k before. Now u got 11k into it and will sell it for 8k? Well, it’s ur money. Go for it

Thanks for the votes guys but @UncleTurbo is my hero and I bequeath my votes to him.

The phrase “throwing good money after bad” comes to mind