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Sell or Fix 2005 Jeep?

I have a 2005 Jeep with 74K, and a failing transmission. The engine was rebuilt in 2011 due to a botched oil change, so the actual mileage on the rebuilt engine is 21K (I have the paperwork to support it). New brake rotors and pads were installed in Feb 2014. I was just told that the transmission needs to be rebuilt, and the estimate was on a sliding scale of $2500-$2900. The AAMCO mechanic/manager indicated that there is some slippage in reverse and 4th gears, but the slippage is not consistent. Here are the error codes that are appearing in the Jeep’s system: P0700 Trans Control Syst mil request, P0731 Gear Ratio Error in 1st, P1790 Fault Imod. after shift, P0876 Under Drive Press. Rationality. I can’t afford to fix the car for at least another month. I’ve only made two short trips to the grocery store, and the Jeep was okay. The mechanic told me that the Jeep’s transmission could kick the bucket immediately or it could last another 5000 miles. He also told me that the more I drive the Jeep, the more damage that it could cause. So…instead of 2500, the cost could go up to 4000. I am definitely NOT going to spend another 4000 on this car. I don’t know how much longer I can take short trips with the Jeep before something bad happens. I do consulting work, and am in between contracts right now. Do I sell the Jeep, and then get a used car that could last me for 2 years? Or do I fix the Jeep (if I can get some other estimates and keep the cost to 2500?). If I sell the Jeep, where is the best place to sell it (CraigsList?) Any idea of how much I could get for it? Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated!

Exactly what Jeep do you have?

A bit of advice . . . AAMCO will insist you need a full transmission rebuild, even if you just need a $50 solenoid

I’d be looking for a second opinion, from a reputable independent transmission shop

Stay away from Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, etc., for your car maintenance/repair needs

Also stay away from shops that send out a lot of coupons. They do this to get your foot in the door. Then the real fun begins

I’d ask your friends, relatives and coworkers for a recommended independent shop. Where do they get their cars serviced?

I hope you weren’t the one to pay for the engine . . .

Thanks for the advice. I have a Grand Cherokee Laredo (V8 engine). I didn’t pay for the engine being rebuilt, that was paid by the shop that messed up the oil change.

I agree. Run away from Aamco. Find a qualified independent shop to look at the tranny.

Find a reputable place to check the tranny out then get it fixed. Even if they say 2500 is your bill, you would have a low mileage motor on a newer tranny. You would be good for many many miles and years

I second the advice to find a good local transmission shop for an estimate that’s more likely to be accurate and for an assessment of whether driving it until it dies will cause any more damage.

I think you need to fix this car if at all possible and then start putting money away. You’ll be needing that money before too long for other repairs on this fairly old car or for buying a replacement that’s better than you’d be able to get right now (which will be a car on its last legs).

You really need to get a second opinion on your transmission. AAMCO is not the place to go for transmission repairs of any type.

Have you ever had the fluid & filter changed? I agree with the others - stay away from the chain shops. With them it’s almost almost automatically a rebuild.