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My dad bought a Lawnboy 2 stroke engine rotary push mower back in 1955. It had a lot of power for its size. The instruction manual that came with the mower showed how to completely disassemble and rebuild the engine. The fuel mixture was 1/2 pint of non-detergent 30 weight oil to a gallon of gasoline. After about 20 hours of operation, the muffler needed to be removed (it was under the deck) and the 3 exhaust ports cleaned of carbon. I found the mower easy to start and very easy to maintain. I’m sure that the EPA would have a fit about the mower today. It did put out quite a bit of blue smoke–particularly when the engine was started when cold and when the engine was pulling through tough grass.
I mowed a lot of lawns with that mower for money. I would put new rings, ignition points, condenser and spark plug, and new needle and seat in the carburetor. The parts cost about $12 in those days and I would do this about every 2 years. There were no valves to worry about. For me, simpler is better.

“At my age I’m glad its self-propelled”.
@Bing–I’m just glad that at Triedaq’s age, he is still self-propelled.

Mrs. Triedaq

70 isn’t that old. I am 70, and go for long walks in the mountains. It all depends upon diet for most of us, and the current information given by government and medicos is just plain wrong. Go to your library and read GOOD CALORIES BAD CALORIES.

Of course, a rare person will have genetic problems, and people suffer accidents. But, most people who eat right will be healthy and vigorous at 70. Here in Mexico, 75 year olds who eat the traditional diet are often stronger than I am, and I am mistaken for 50.

I sure hope the diet includes a regular infusion of scotch and Marlboroughs, only 57 but still going better than kids half my age.

I have a little over 4 acres of land. Most are woods…but I still mow almost 2 acres.

And it’s a walk-behind. 48" cut. But I still walk it…in the spring and fall that means twice a week. Takes me about 2 hours to mow. My youngest son can’t handle it yet. He can do the front…but the back by the woods with a hill is too much to handle. And besides I actually like doing it. Good exercise.

I have some income property which I let my son mow. It’s much easier. Less then an acre. I have a Toro front-wheel drive. Bought it for him when he was 12. He never uses the power drive any more.