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hey guys,what is the best self propelled,push lawnmow to buy,a front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive.

A lawn tractor.

Seriously, a front wheel drive allows you to just push the handle down and tilt the mower onto its rear wheels to turn it around. A rear wheel drive doesn’t. However, having never owned a rear wheel drive walk-behind mower I’m not really qualified to comment.

Perhaps a lawn care forum would net better anawers?

Rear drive has significantly better traction up grades. Front drive is easy to stop power simply by lifting front wheels.

The best I have seen is my parents old Honda, four wheel drive lawnmower.

“Self propelled, push” is a contradiction in terms. You’re either buying a self propelled mower or you’re buying a push mower. Which is it?

If you’re talking about self propelled, RWD goes up hills better. I’ve had FWD mowers and I’ve had RWD mowers. I live on a hill. I’ll take RWD any day.

If your yard is flat it probably doesn’t matter.