Self-powered tire inflator

Just returned a 12v tire inflator because of all the warnings about using it with my Highlander Hybrid (starter battery too underpowered).

I found a Slime inflator that has a lead-acid battery and needs A/C recharge about every 6 months.

I live in Vermont, where summers can get into the 90s and winters 20 below. Is the L.A. battery going to hold a charge and work if kept in the car? I’m guessing it will, as that’s the chemistry of starter batteries, too, but I don’t want to make another mistake.

If you’re worried about it, it seems pretty easy to top it off overnight every month or two.

Oh, the inflator battery. It has to go in the car if you need it in an emergency. It will be OK but batteries like temperatures that aren’t too cold. Just ask one of our lawn tractors. One is in a warm garage and the other in a cold one.