Self Driving Cars on 60 minutes

GPS started for the military…but then they allowed civilians and other countries to use it. It was developed by Raytheon.

In addition to GPS they’ll be using cameras, which should cut down on major errors.

Like any new fangled thing, I will give it 3 years min, probably 10 years before I jump on board with it. It sounds like it will work eventually, perhaps I will buy a self driving car for my mother who drives no more due to macular degeneration.

Will she need a drivers license to ride in a self driving car as her license is currently expired?

Would the insurance company cover the owner of a self driving car of someone without a license? As my nephew said it gives me an egg in my head (headegg)

I updated my nav for the $100+ but it still thinks I’m driving through a field on a 2 year old stretch of freeway. I checked though and it really is a road so I’ll just disregard the squawking from Betty in the nav box.

I doubt if I’ll personally live to see the day that I get comfortable with the idea of a self-driving car. But there is related technology that I think is truly great, particularly the systems that apply the brakes automatically. And rearview cameras and sensors.