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Self Driving Cadillac

Here’s a quick test drive of a Cadillac CT-6 with a self driving system on the highway.

I find it interesting that the car constantly monitors the driver for attention to the road, and insists that you do so. It’s available right now if you have way too much disposable income (2018 MY).

What can I say? You spend $80,000 for a new car and can’t even drive it.

Officer, it was the computer that did it not me! I remember once blaming it on my girl friend and it worked. I was from out of town and it was late and pitch dark at a stop light that lasted forever. After sitting there for a while she said to just go through it, they do it all the time here. Red lights flashing but he let me go.

You can drive it all you like. Just don’t engage the Super Cruise.

And the CT-6 is a great ride. I’d much rather drive it that let it drive itself. The part I found most interesting is that the car monitors the driver to see if the driver is watching the road ahead. At least in this limited test, it did a good job of monitoring the driver’s eyes. If you believe in better safe than sorry, then slowing down even when the driver squints might be a good thing.