Selecting new vehicle

I’ve had both a Grand Caravan (without seats for my business) and a Prius (for travel) for 5 years. Now I’d like to get back to one vehicle. Are there any suggetions for a vehicle with a lot of interior space that gets at least 30 mpg?

I suggest you start making the rounds. Check out all the makes and make your own decision. Frankly there is just too much personal opinion about what would make the best choice to put much weight on someone else’s opinion.

If I had your requirements, I’d go for a 4-cyl Camry.

Mazda 5 and Kia Rondo have lots of room, Up to 30 mpg highway. Room+30 mpg city will be much harder to find. Honda Fit comes to mind, as does Scion xD.

Ford Fusion Hybrid ?

Jetta Sportwagon TDI
Ford Escape hybrid
Mercury Mariner hybrid
Mazda Tribute hybrid

The last 3 are essentially the same truck. All get at least 30 MPG EPA combined; the Jetta is 35 MPG. The highest rated non-hybrid gas models are the Chevy Equinox, GMC Terrain, and Chevy HHR. These all get 26 MPG combined.

Check all the mileage figures out here:

Don’t get hung up on fuel mileage. It’s the smallest expense of owning and operating a car…

Smaller than those tree air fresheners I buy every few months?

How much interior space do you need? A Grand Caravan without seats has a heck of a lot of space-- did you fill it up?

One suggestion might be one of those Dodge Sprinters (which are really Mercedes turbo-diesel powered Vans), which I’ve heard can get over 30 on the highway and are huge. Otherwise, I’d have to say that another minivan is the most efficient way to have a lot of space.

I agree…hybrids are not the answer. There are lots of choices out there and most get reasonable mileage in your request range. I like the boxes (Element types) for maxing room, but they’re hard to live with on trips. So I’d lean toward 2 wd versions of compact SUVs. When you load them down, they have the clearance to still get around.

Ford is selling a new small truck that is like an old time panel truck. It gets good mpg and is designed for small businesses. Since you take the back seats out anyway check this out at a local Ford dealer, or research it online at

I forgot about that, the Transit Connect. Might be just the thing:

“Don’t get hung up on fuel mileage.”

Natural56 asked, and I complied. Note that the highest mileage is the Jetta Sportwagon. I also reported the mileage for the highest rated SUVs listed. I’m sure that the OP can peruse the web site and come up with appealing gas mileage while looking at the size for the vehicle, too. Apparently those are the two main criteria.

The local Ford lot has several of those lined up outside on their lot.

Not knowing your budget:
Subaru Legacy with CVT (that’s new)
Slightly used Scion xB (previous generation)
Nissan Cube (should be roughly comparable)
Late 90s Accord wagon
BMW 335d (doubly so if they bring out a wagon)
Saab 9-3
Mazda 6/Ford Fusion

The Mazda 5 is probably CAPABLE of 30+ on the highway, but it isn’t rated for it according to EPA, and probably wouldn’t have been under the old standards either.

How about the Honda Fit, Toyota Matrix, or Pontiac Vibe?

If I tell you what to buy, will you do that? Otherwise my advice to you may be an exercise in futility.

That said, go shopping; I can’t do that for you.

Your post may be fun for some.