Seized engine

Bought a 2001 Kia Sportage from NJ; had it shipped to Colorado. I drove it around for a couple of weeks then brought it to the Kia Dealership. They redid the 4x4 (hubs and all), replaced the oil pan (rusty and about to fall apart), and replaced all the belts $1,800. The next day after getting it out of the shop 60 - 80 miles the engine seized. They said tough luck just bad timing for me. Shouldn’t they have recommended a flush or notified me of sludge considering they had the oil pan off? I am out close to $5,000 considering the car, shipping and repairs. Please advise…

Sorry, they said the damage was due to sludge in the engine.

You don’t see the sludge by looking at the oil pan. Most of it is in the heads. You had two strikes against you when you got the car. 1. 2001 Kia. 2. New Jersey. 3. Unknown maintenance has to count for part of strike three.

$5,000 for a 2001 vehicle is the top possible price for a NJ car or even a Ca. car.

In the playoffs you want to start off with no balls and no strikes. Then you at least get a chance to swing at a good pitch.

The only way I could see this being their fault would be if the engine seized due to negligence on their part if they did not add the proper amount of oil after the oil pan swap.
If the oil level is FULL then the engine likely seized due to sludge which plugged up an oil galley or two.
If the oil level is down, and considering the sludge issue, it’s also possible that even if the engine oil level was full that the engine is an oil burner and went through a large amount of oil in that 60-80 miles. This would not be their fault either.

Sludge doesn’t just develop in the oil pan; it’s widespread in places that can’t be seen and a flush would be an exercise in futility.

Buying a vehicle sight unseen often leads to heartache. Buying a 12 year old one from a place known for rust just increases the odds of getting a bum vehicle.

I wholeheartedly agree with OK4450.
Was there oil in the engine when it seized?
Did you check the oil level when you got the car out of the shop?
Did you check the oil level when you were driving the car BEFORE taking it to the Kia dealers?

Obviously something compelled you to bring it to the Kia dealer after driving it for a few weeks. What was it that compelled you to do so?

The answers to these questions will help me understand what actually happened. Only then could I offer an opinion on whether you have a chance at recovery from the dealership.